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  • Safety Tips From A.T.L.A.S
  • Wear your Seatbelt
    Yes forklifts do come with seatbelts and it isn’t there for decoration. It is mandatory that if a seatbelt is fitted then they must be worn...
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Pre study prior to your training.

Once you have formally enrolled into the appropriate course and sent through the authorised confirmation paperwork, we will be able to issue a Student handbook (via email). This will assist greatly as the operators will be able to read and gain an understanding of the equipment and training they are soon to receive. This also addresses the need for arduous long hours in front of your staff and costly hours from operating your business. The study material will be emailed to pre-study prior to our arrival once your staff is enrolled.

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We pride ourselves in delivering more than just licensing.

People trained by us develop the finer operating techniques which separates yourself and/or your staff from being a licensed operator to being
Licensed Professionals...... QUITE THE DIFFERENCE!!!