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To book your forklift training course simply call 0431 823 800 or alternatively fill in your details below and our professional staff will contact you within 1 hour of submitting your enquiry.

Please note our hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday and we are located in Metropolitan Sydney.

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  Forklift Training and Licensing (LF) - At your Workplace with your equipment
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  Elevated Work Platform (EWP) - At your Workplace with your equipment
  Tailored Refresher Training on any of the above - At your Workplace with your equipment
  Information on Gov't funded Traineeships - At your Workplace with your equipment
  Forklift or Order Picker Training and Licensing at our Training Centre in Milperra
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We pride ourselves in delivering more than just licensing.

People trained by us develop the finer operating techniques which separates yourself and/or your staff from being a licensed operator to being
Licensed Professionals...... QUITE THE DIFFERENCE!!!